Imprimante code à barres Printronix ZT

The application range of Printronix’s line matrix family is extended with the introduction of these new P5000ZT printers. These models allow the user to print from the very first to the very last line of a form and then tear it off with no loss of forms.
This capability is critical for applications requiring precise accounting of all forms or where forms are simply too expensive to waste.

The ZT Series delivers the low consumable cost of industrial line printing, while providing the on-demand features often found on convenience printers, resulting in a cost of operation that is typically 10 times less expensive to run than serial matrix printing. This significant consumable savings is only part of the total cost benefit of the ZT Series. The highest cost in mission critical printing is often the cost of lost production. With the incorporation of Printronix’s proven line matrix technology, the ZT Series produces a tremendous boost in uptime. This combination of high reliability and low operating cost make these printers the ideal solution for demanding production line applications.

The P5000ZT printers leverage all the same ruggedness and reliability people have come to expect from Printronix’s industry leading line matrix printers. Built on the PSA ™ platform, these printers are guaranteed to be 100% compatible with all current P5000 applications, while supporting the same wide range of connectivity options.

As with all Printronix printers, the ZT Series support all the latest features of PrintNet Enterprise remote management system.
• Remote diagnosis and repair
• Instant alerts for consumables and trouble
• Total enterprise quality and consistency via centralized mass remote configuration

This makes these printers the ideal solution for centrally
managed large distributed print environments.

The ability to print single sheets on demand, enables a shift from a batch print operation to printing right where the output is needed. With rugged standard oversized castors and wireless Ethernet, following the action is now easier than ever with the P5000ZT.